Hendgam: how to make at home without PVA glue from shampoo?

What is hendgam? This name many, probably, hear for the first time. But if you recall the well-known and sensational at the time American series Ghostbusters, the nickname of one of the representatives of the other world, Lizun, will immediately come to mind. And hendgam - this is a toy lizun. Why does she have such a strange name

What is hendgam? This name many, probably, hear for the first time. But if you recall the well-known and sensational at the time American series Ghostbusters, the nickname of one of the representatives of the other world, Lizun, will immediately come to mind. And hendgam - this is a toy lizun.

Why does she have such a strange name? The answer lies on the surface: the toy has the property to stick to all kinds of surfaces. Lizun jelly-like form, does not melt in your hands. The toy does not like dirty hands. All the dirt from the palm will remain on the lizun. As a result, the toy will lose its attractive appearance. The surface of the hendgam tends to stick all the dirt, dust and any lint to itself. For this reason, the lichen should be stored in a container under a closed lid in a cool place. It is best of all to exclude the raised temperature that the elasticity of a toy was not broken. But the warm water is suitable for swimming. Here is such an unusual and interesting hendgam. How to make such an integral attribute of modern children?

Currently, many toys, tinctures of medicines, crafts for the exhibition are made by hand. The question of how to make hendgam at home is quite reasonable in this context. But in general, is it possible to make such a toy?

Of course you can. And there are several ways to create it.

Hendgam: how to do?

For the manufacture of lizun need polyvinyl alcohol powder and sodium tetraborate. Alcohol must be diluted according to the instructions. Then you should put the tank on a small fire, stirring constantly. After boiling the mixture is cooled. Next, you need to dilute the powder of sodium tetraborate, bought at a pharmacy. For 250 milliliters you will need 1-2 tablespoons. For a toy you need to take 3 parts of a mixture of alcohol 1 part of tetraborate, you can add food coloring and essential oil.

Stir until smooth.

From starch

How to make hendgam without glue? Now consider a simple and more ecological way. Lizun will turn out only when using starch and water. Need to take one tablespoon of potato starch. You will also need twenty grams of water. Starch is diluted in warm liquid. If we need only 20 grams of water, then the same amount will need to take and starch. To make the toy bright, you need to add paint, glitter to the mix, and add essential oil for elasticity. Mix everything and place the resulting mixture in a microwave for thirty seconds. Now, under the influence of high temperatures, the future lizun will get rid of excess fluid. It remains to roll the mixture in the form of a ball. Now you can play with handgam.

Why is the recipe talking about warm water? The fact is that cool or cold water does not allow the components to mix. The well-known methods of making lizun always involve the use of glue and shampoo.

From plasticine

And how to make hendgam without PVA glue? Very simple: from plasticine. To do this, dissolve in water gelatin. Leave to swell for one hour, then place the resulting solution on a fire and wait until it boils. Water in the amount of 50 milliliters in the same way as with a gelatin solution, put on fire. Let it boil. Then you should pick up the clay by color, melt it. In the boiling water can not be thrown all the clay at once. It is necessary to add it gradually, in small pieces, and constantly stir. Combine gelatin, melted clay and mix again. This creation option does not provide maximum elasticity for a lizun, but the toy will be ready.

Glue "Titan" + shampoo

If you have an individual intolerance to the PVA glue, you can try another method of manufacture. Which one Now we will tell how to make hendgam from shampoo and without PVA glue. In order to lizun turned out, and the child would have a toy, you need to buy glue "Titan". It is usually sold in building materials stores. It will give the toy the desired elasticity. Lizun get soft, will not stick to the surfaces.

It is necessary to take 3 parts of glue and 1 part of shampoo. The color of the toy will be what color the shampoo has. Mix everything thoroughly in a plastic bag to a smooth consistency. If you add more than the prescribed rate of shampoo, more elasticity will be added, and glue will give the toy elasticity and strength. You can do the same with color. Now you can play with Lizun.

From flour

And how can you create hendgam? How to make it, for example, from flour? Lizun, made in this way, will suit three-year-old children in order to develop fine motor skills of the fingers. This toy is made from natural products, and therefore harmless to kids. Three-year old toads are just beginning to get used to hygiene and cleanliness. And for this reason, they do not always wash their hands without reminding their elders. Pulling his hands in his mouth, the baby will not be able to poison chemical additives that are contained in the adhesive.

The following ingredients will be needed: sifted flour in the amount of three hundred grams, cold and hot water, food coloring. All of the above is combined in one container, stirred to avoid lumps. Then put the mass in three hours in the refrigerator. That's all ready lizun.

Last option

Another recipe for the original popular toy. We will make handgam from paper. It is impossible to imagine how a lick should look, which should be sticky, sometimes of a liquid consistency, when it is done like this? But parents are all dreamers of power! A sheet of plain paper for the printer breaks along into three parts. From each part you need to lay the strips along and connect with each other glue. Now, the resulting long pieces of paper need to interweave among themselves. All that happened turned into a circle and stapled. Get the ball.

Of course, the toy will not have any elasticity, but you can make it together with the baby and explain that Lizun is a figment of the imagination of the filmmakers. Parents and children will see it in a completely different light.

This toy is needed for the kid in the process of developing his mental abilities. After all, if the hands of a child develop, it means that he becomes smarter.


Indisputable utility toy hendgam. How to do it, now you know. It is very important that the child himself participated in its creation. Development, creativity, communication will make the child spiritually richer than many of their peers. Children who create beauty with their own hands, are accustomed to the accuracy and deliberation of their actions.

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