A souvenir with your own hands for any occasion. Delight loved ones with unique gifts

A souvenir is a memorable gift, a thing that reminds of a certain place, person, time. Lovely trinkets are always brought from travels. You can make souvenirs with your own hands and please your friends and relatives. Pleasant trifles From any trip you want to bring things that remind of a pleasant vacation

A souvenir is a memorable gift, a thing that reminds of a certain place, person, time. Lovely trinkets are always brought from travels. You can make souvenirs with your own hands and please your friends and relatives.

Pleasant trifles

From any trip you want to bring things that remind of a pleasant vacation. Anything can be a souvenir - from a small key chain to a national costume. Do-it-yourself souvenir production is an important activity in countries that live off tourism.

For example, during a trip to Italy, it is difficult to resist the purchase of leather goods, clothing, jewelry. The center of souvenir products of Italy is Venice. Locals founded many workshops for the production of carnival masks, special Murano glass products, mirrors. France and England are also among the souvenir leaders in Europe. African countries are rich in ethnic trinkets that in a certain way remind of a country. In many tourist centers you can not only buy a finished product, but also make a souvenir with your own hands. The new masters will learn how to paint glass, create products from clay, wood, fabric.

Fabric trinkets

You can please your loved ones with a hand-made gift. Creating souvenirs with your own hands from fabric is quite simple. You will need a sewing kit, fabric, accessories and fantasy. You can make a pillow, wallet, soft toy, interior accessories, holiday decorations.

Soft toy is a great souvenir. It’s pretty easy to make it yourself. To sew a cute hare, you will need a pattern and several types of fabric - two or more. You can use the drawing below.

Favorite material should be cut, taking into account the color in which you want to see every detail. Elements of a future toy need to be sewn - not so important, on a typewriter or manually. The product must be filled with padding polyester or other material. The final stage is an additional decoration of the toy with acrylic paint, beads, or any other elements. So it turns out great children's souvenirs. With their own hands they can be made together with the kids.

From the fabric you can make beautiful covers for electronic gadgets, glasses, keys. Handicrafts made of fabric are decorated with embroidery.

Work with the tree. Wood crafts

For processing wood, you may need special tools - chisels, adzes, cutters, machines. To make handmade wooden souvenirs of high quality, we need skills. It is not necessary to cut statues or caskets. It is enough to purchase blanks - for their finishing you will need paints and accessories for finishing.

What can be made of wood? Charms, jewelry, toys, dishes, caskets, accessories in ethnic style. The material can be painted - so the usual blank will turn into a picture.

To make a beautiful painted box you will need acrylic paint, varnish, brushes, water, pencil, ruler. And, of course, the workpiece itself. To begin with, you should draw a picture on the surface with a pencil. Then you can start painting. The paint is fixed with varnish. In addition to painting add accessories from the fabric, stones. Caskets or painted charms are bright, colorful souvenirs-gifts. With their own hands to decorate them like an adult and a child.

Master doll

Dolls are not only a toy, but also a great gift. It is very easy to make such a souvenir with your own hands. The simplest materials are knitting threads, ribbons, beads, and twigs. Accessories for this product depend on the imagination of the needlewoman.

The branches are wound with threads of the desired color. It is easy to make a head of dense fabric, sew beads-eyes and decorate the craft with ribbons.

The doll can be sewn on the pattern and stuffed with padding polyester. For hair most often used thread. For the manufacture of textile dolls draw a pattern, you can use ready-made. The scheme is transferred to the fabric and cut out, leaving allowances. Further details sew.

To make the doll stand confidently, legs can be made of wood or other material, wrapped in a cloth. For example, when creating an owl doll, paws can be made from wire. When the torso is sewn, you can decorate crafts with painting, lace, embroidery. Souvenirs made of cloth sewn with love and fantasy are very popular.

Sweets and gifts

Giving a simple box of chocolates is boring. Enough to show a little imagination - and you get a unique gift that you can not only admire.

How to make a basket of candy? You will need a small round box or basket, golden ribbon, tape, scissors, wrapping paper. The most important thing is delicious candy. The box is made using wrapping paper. Then lay out the walls and the bottom of the sweets, securing them with scotch tape. You can decorate souvenirs from chocolates with a ribbon.

No less popular bouquets of sweets. Sweets complement the composition of flowers or create only a candy bouquet.

Of sweets you can make a lot, you need only patience and a sufficient amount of material. Figures in the form of a guitar, a car, a doll, even a globe and a pistol will be an excellent gift.

A small souvenir with your own hands can be added with a neat candy composition.

Present for mom

It is very easy to make a gift for mum or grandmother. For a loved one, you can make a souvenir with your own hands, which is useful in the kitchen. A kit consisting of a teapot cap, oven gloves and mittens is always needed. For the manufacture of a set, you can use pieces of drape or leather. It is not necessary to be a master of cutting, to cut a small square for tacking from these materials, outline a mitten with an addition of about three or four centimeters in width, cut out two identical parts and sew them over the edge with a beautiful colorful thread for knitting.

Cap for the kettle can be made in the form of chicken. To do this, you need to cut two identical outlines of a hen of such a size so that the teapot fits, sew over the edge, sew a scallop of another material, wings, leaving the bottom free for the teapot. Beak and eyes can be made of buttons or skin. Souvenir is ready.

To the delight of children

Kids love small souvenirs, which are better to do with their own hands with them. You can create a funny toy in half an hour. A plain raw egg is pierced from both ends and the contents are poured. You can then slightly wash the shell, slightly increasing the hole from one end. While everything is drying, you need to take two small wooden sticks or a pair of unwanted pencils, fix them with a cross using scotch tape and put them on the improvised torso. Clothes can be made from petals, leaves, paper napkins, colored paper or candy wrappers - everything that is at hand is useful, and the foiled paper keeps well without glue. Then the shell-head is painted with felt-tip pens and fixed on wax with a pencil. It is better to put a paper cap on the toy's head. So that it does not fall, the pencil is fixed at the base of plasticine or a piece of dried dough. Humpty Dumpty is ready - such toys can be made in all English-speaking countries. Children create such handmade souvenirs with interest.

Magic cup

A nice souvenir for friends who are often on the road will be a magic cup. Of course, now you can buy everything in the store, but a gift that is carefully made with your own hands is always more pleasant. Everyone who often happens on business trips knows that hot tea on the way is rare. Thermos is usually forgotten, and the magic cup is right there. At first it turns into a severe natural rope (on glue). The rope fits on the cup like a thread on a reel - tight fit, with both the beginning and the end tucked under the winding. It is better to practice first without glue. When it will turn out beautifully, you can make the transformation of an ordinary object into a magic one. If you have enough patience, then use several colors and layers - this cup perfectly holds the temperature and does not burn your hands. It can even be used while driving. For a loved one, you can insert an amulet into the sheath.

Luxury glasses

Glass painting has recently become very popular. DIY wedding souvenirs with the help of such technology is easy to do. To decorate glasses with beautiful flowers or patterns, you will need the following: paint for working on glass, degreasing agent, pencil or felt-tip pen, brush, adhesive tape, cotton swabs, contour, varnish based on acrylic. First you need to take a glass and process it with a special tool. There are two types of paint on glass - covering and stained glass. The first ones are opaque, the second ones are transparent, they may require roasting in the oven. After processing the glass should try not to touch it, so that any fat does not hit the surface.

Next in line is a sketch - it is put on paper, cut out and fixed with scotch tape inside the glass so that the drawing is visible from the outside. On the surface of the glass mark contour with a special tool. After complete drying, it is filled with other colors. If you make a mistake, you can wipe off the excess paint with cotton buds. The painted glass is additionally decorated with sparkles, beads, and rhinestones.

Ethnic motives

Folklore accessories never went out of fashion. Every nation has a unique culture, which is expressed in various embroideries, weaving, ornaments made of natural materials.

Embroidery is popular - it can be used to decorate clothes, a pillow, a tablecloth, a stylish case for glasses or a phone, a key chain.

For the manufacture of a stylish bracelet you will need beads, beads, even coins will do. Fastening will serve as a thread or a fishing line. Beads can be made of metal, glass, wood. You can also use seashells, ribbons - all that fantasy tells. Weaving can be made of ribbons or coarse threads. Wooden elements are characteristic of ethnic ornaments - they can be decorated with painting and carving. To assemble a bracelet, you can use a ready-made scheme or come up with an exclusive option.

An interesting souvenir are amulets. Every thing performs its function. A wreath is for purity of thoughts, a key is for wealth, swans are guardians of love and loyalty, sunflowers are a child's symbol, butterflies are for new fans of a young girl, lynx is for protection. Figures are made from salt dough made from flour and water. Charm can give any shape. The most common - a wreath and panicles.

For friends

Stylish photo frame is a wonderful souvenir for friends. Make it easy. On thick cardboard we make a drawing of the internal contour of the required size. It is not necessary to make it rectangular, you can choose any arbitrary shape, but that the photo was visible as much as possible. Then we draw the outer contour in steps of 2-3.5 centimeters. The frame is cut first along the outer contour, then the middle is removed. Now you need to make exactly the same part without a slot inside. On it it is necessary to cut a support leg 5 cm wide with orientation on the center from three sides. It is not necessary to separate it from the top of the frame, just bend it, and in the lower part, the indent from the edge should be equal to 2 cm. Now both parts are glued along the edge with a strip of 0.5 cm. No need to glue the upper part - this is a hole for a photo.

Now you can go to the design. The front of the frame is decorated with glue with various objects - shells, buttons, pieces of leather, straw, dried leaves, sand. Fantasy has no limits.

Decoupage - fashionable and beautiful

A special technique of decorating plates and boxes allows you to create stylish things. To make such a thing is not difficult at all. Requires a plate, paint based on acrylic, glue, napkins, contour paint, gouache, varnish. You can also take a tray or box.

At first, the thing needs to be covered with water-based paint. A napkin is stuck on the edges so that there are folds. When everything is dry, you need to paint in gouache a pasted napkin and cover it with varnish. Next, you should focus on the folds with an acrylic dye. In the center of the plate we place any picture with a volumetric napkin and glue it. Again varnish. We dry. The product is ready.


A souvenir is an excellent opportunity to show your creative abilities and surprise your relatives and friends with an original gift. We hope our article will help you with this.

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