Wooden sailboat models

In order to learn how to create models of a sailboat, you can use ready-made sets, of which there are a huge number. If the sets do not seduce you, then there are also drawings with instructions. Use them when creating a product. They can be focused not only on experienced designers, but also on beginners who are interested in the process of creating something unusual with their own hands

In order to learn how to create models of a sailboat, you can use ready-made sets, of which there are a huge number. If the sets do not seduce you, then there are also drawings with instructions. Use them when creating a product. They can be focused not only on experienced designers, but also on beginners who are interested in the process of creating something unusual with their own hands. Naturally, in such a situation and the process will go much easier. Experienced designers may not like it. But the model of a sailboat, which are formed entirely on their own, starting with the independent development of drawings, is much more interesting.

Realize what you want to get

Sailboats can attract the attention of ship modelers. For this reason, at the time of creating your own drawing, you need to understand what should be the result, what vessel you need to create. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the internal arrangement, which characterizes the original model of a sailboat.

It is necessary to realize that all models usually have at least two masts with oblique sails. The hull of the sailboat includes a spar (wooden frame, which consists of a mast and a yards) and rigging (ropes for various purposes).

Check out the sailboat

Before you begin to form a drawing of a model of a sailboat, look through the various pictures, read all the available information about the model, about the features of its structure and about the battles in which it participated. Immediately you need to take care of collecting all the necessary tools. You will need rulers, magnifying glass, measuring protractors, angles, and so on. Understand the scale in which you plan to complete the drawing. It is necessary to calculate the size and location of the ship on paper, all its components.

Important recommendations

What nuances should be taken into account if you decide to independently produce models of sailing ships, starting with the formation of a drawing? It is necessary to make the scheme in several projections: in diametral, main and in the middle (with the help of it the basic outlines of the future vessel are set). With the help of the first plane, it is possible to conditionally divide the ship into parts - left and right. The ground plane is horizontal, tangential to the lowest point on the vessel trim. It's about the keel line. Midel, which is still known to many as midship frame - a transverse, vertical plane that runs in the middle of the length of the ship.

When designing models of sailing ships, one should understand that the drawing will require drawing lines where decks and sides, keels and stems, decks and rudder lines, fins and transom will intersect. It is usually depicted half the ship. In other words, one side. The hull should be symmetrical to the center plane. The drawing on the sheet should be arranged in the following order:

  • "Side" should be in the upper part;
  • "Half-width" - at the bottom;
  • "Body" - on the left (preferably on the same level with the "side").

What do we need?

Is the drawing ready? Now it's time to move on to the issue of designing a model of sailing ships made of wood and other materials. It should be understood that the ship, made with their own hands, is able to decorate the design of your home, adding to it the notes of romance and sea travel. Such a ship can be assembled from ready-made kits. This has already been mentioned above. But it is always more interesting to design independently.

What do we need in order to start creating models of sailing ships with our own hands?

  1. Bar, slats made of wood.
  2. High density paper.
  3. Thick cardboard.
  4. Nitrocellulose glue.
  5. Nitroen.
  6. Tooth powder.
  7. Wire, preferably thin.
  8. A set of threads.
  9. Sandpaper.
  10. Knife.

We must determine the scale

What actions need to be performed in order to make a ship? The first will require drawings of models of sailing vessels. For this you need to familiarize yourself with the vessel, with its design, with history. Select a scale. All this has already been discussed in more detail. This process should not cause difficulties. It should only be noted that one must carefully approach the choice of scale. The best option is 1: 500.

Body creation

The body of the future model of the ship is cut using a rectangular wooden bar. To perform all actions with high accuracy, you will need to use cardboard templates. They in turn must be applied to the future corps. It is recommended to start from the bow, and finish, respectively, stern. When the body is cut, you will need to process it. Use sandpaper for this purpose. It is necessary to understand that it is necessary to smooth out all the roughness. If there are visible cracks on the body, use a putty to seal them. To make this substance is quite simple, using tooth powder and nitrocellulose glue.

Create a bulwark and deck

For the manufacture of the deck is to use thick paper or cardboard. Best suited glossy material. The finished deck must be painted. To do this, use the nitro enamel. The color you choose yourself. The best option is a dark red hue. That he corresponds to the real color inherent in the ship redfish. For painting, use a spray bottle.

Using thick paper or cardboard, you will need to make a bulwark. It is necessary to fit the dimensions typical for the deck. With the help of glue it is necessary to attach the made bulwark. Make it necessary butt-to-deck. It should then be painted together with the body. That part of the ship, which will be located under the water, it is desirable to issue in bright colors that will correspond to the painting of the prototype.

Manufacturing of deck superstructures

What other steps need to be done to get the modular models of sailboats? All superstructures that should be located on the deck should be made using pieces of thin plywood. Instead, you can use the foam. The finished components of the ship must be pasted over with colored paper. If the sailboat assumes the presence of hatches, then it is necessary to simulate their covers with, for example, gauze. Stick it on the cardboard.

For the manufacture of masts is to use wire. You can also glue together wooden sticks. Only it should be understood that they need to be pre-cut. This must be done in order to give them the desired shape. To create a rigging it is worth using durable threads or thin wire.

Create a sail

It remains only to create a sail. To do this, use white paper. Fabric on a relatively small model will look quite rough and unnatural. On paper sails it is necessary to depict the lines of cut, using a sharp pencil. When all actions are done, you will get a sailboat. The assembly model is completely ready. If there is a desire, then you can build a simple stand, using wooden bars for this purpose. Store the ship should be in an open closet. Preferably in glass. So you can protect it from dust and from accidental damage.

When do you need a machine?

In some situations it will not work without a machine. But it is best to resort to his help when there is relevant experience not only in working with him, but also in modeling ships. So when might use the machine? If the real model is equipped with cannons, then they should be depicted on the model. And in this case without turning equipment do not work. Also, working with a machine may be required in order to make almost all turned parts. And they can be very much.

Instead of conclusion

It is necessary to understand that the vessel we are creating will not sail. It will be a decorative item. Therefore, the materials can be used those that are destroyed due to exposure to water. The most important thing in modeling is the impeccable quality of the work done. And it can easily be considered in detail.

Hobby, which involves the process of creating a model of the ship, is quite fascinating and useful. Hard work contributes to the development of perseverance and patience. Finished models can delight for a long time. They will be able to get a positive charge. This review described how to make a model of a sailboat with your own hands. We hope that this article will help you in the design process.