We sew without patterns: interesting ideas, recommendations and features

All the girls probably more than once thought about making clothes on their own. In their dreams, this process proceeds without a hitch, and the output is stunning wardrobe items that captivate everyone around them with their beauty and elegance. However, in practice this case most often turns into complete failure

All the girls probably more than once thought about making clothes on their own. In their dreams, this process proceeds without a hitch, and the output is stunning wardrobe items that captivate everyone around them with their beauty and elegance. However, in practice this case most often turns into complete failure.

For most novice dressmakers, the greatest difficulty is the construction of the technical design of the product and patterns, which will be used to create its elements. But in fact, you can sew easily and without patterns or with the help of elementary schemes, which even first-graders can create. In this article we’ll just talk about what even inexperienced fashion designers can do with their own hands. So, today we sew simple dresses, skirts, pants and bags without a pattern. In our article we propose the manufacture of ten things that will suit any fashionistas and will certainly not gather dust in the closet without work!

Long dress

Our hit parade will start with a very beautiful maxi-sundress made of fine knitwear. In this outfit, you can safely go to the beach or walk to the store, as well as future mothers should pay attention to this model. Thanks to her simple and free cut, she will be to face all the girls!

We sew this dress without a pattern - it will be replaced by a regular T-shirt that fits in size. The amount of fabric for a sundress depends on how long the finished product will be. The store should be asked to make a cut equal to the length of the dress, plus 5 cm for processing cuts. The cloth folds in half so that the fabric stretches in width, not in length, then in its upper part it is necessary to put a T-shirt and cut around its contour in the area of ​​the neckline and armhole with a chalk. The side lines are extended to the bottom, while the sundress is slightly flared.

First you need to line up the side seams, then the sundress is sewn along the shoulder line, cut sections are cut in front, behind and in the armholes. The hem of the product is hemmed last. It is so easy and simple we sew without patterns a very beautiful sundress. Make it be the power of every girl.

Dress on the straps

What else can be made by hand without a pattern? We sew a dress-bag on the straps from a wide ribbon! There are two variants of this model. On the first photo - a gray dress, which is sewn from a rectangular cut of fabric.

Straight along the fabric you need to draw a rectangle, the length of which will be equal to the width of the product plus a few centimeters for the seams and freedom of fit. For the point of reference, you need to take either the volume of the hips, or the volume of the breast (that which is larger). The width of the rectangle is the length of the dress, plus 5 cm for the hem and 10 cm for the hem, which will be used to create the drawstring. Through it, a ribbon will be passed through, draping fabric into beautiful folds and playing the role of straps. Recall that we sew this dress without patterns. First, the fabric is stitched to the side, then the hem is processed, and lastly, the upper part of the product is formed by double hemming.

The second version of the dress is a little harder to sew. The upper picture shows a step-by-step master class for its production. In this dress is provided armhole. To form it, you can, as for the sundress from the previous section, use the shirt, which will need to draw around the contours of the top of the product. First, the armhole is processed, then the hem is made before the front and back. Only after the parts are sewn together, and the hem is enclosed.

Beach dress

Now we will learn how to sew easily and simply without dress patterns for the beach or sauna. It can also be worn at home. This model has a semi-inclined silhouette, so for sewing it is better to use stretching cotton fabrics - knitwear or makhra on a knitted basis.

As you can see from the figure, our dress is just a rectangular piece of fabric with hand cutouts on both sides. The cut should be hemmed around the perimeter with the help of a sewing machine, it is also recommended to handle the places through which hands pass through. This will prevent the fabric from shedding and make the product more accurate.

Short skirt on elastic belt

Skirts are irreplaceable items in any women's wardrobe. They can be long or short, narrow or free, straight or flared - there is just an infinite number of models, each of which is good in its own way. Some of them are real works of tailoring art, but among them there are skirts that can be sewn easily and simply without patterns. For example, such a model, as in the following photo.

Her length can be adjusted depending on the growth of the girl and the type of her figure. The proposed version is a skirt reaching the top of the knee. For it you will need to prepare a piece of fabric about 65 cm long. The length of the finished product is 45 cm.

This skirt is sewn very quickly and simply. First you need to cut out a new thing, taking a piece of fabric, which in width will be equal to the volume of the hips plus 5 cm for the seams and freedom of fit, and in height - the desired length of the skirt plus 10 cm.

The first thing double hem is processed hem products. It is better to enclose not less than 1.5-2.5 cm, so the bottom of the skirt will look more presentable. Next you need to choose the length of the skirt and set aside this distance from the folded cut. Another 5 cm is measured from this line, the excess fabric is cut off, and the product blank is ironed along the bending line of the belt and stitched. Then you need to make a side seam, but not to stretch the belt, so that you can insert an elastic tape. Sections along the side seams are best swept over with an overlock or zigzag so that they do not crumble while wearing a skirt. When the gum is inserted into the belt, the hole must be sewn up using a typewriter or manually.

Shirt blouse

Next we will be engaged in the manufacture of a beautiful elongated blouse, and this time we will also do without patterns. We sew a product from two finished things - an old shirt and a tight knit T-shirt or T-shirt. In addition, we will need a finishing band for edging the neck and decorating the connecting seam.

From the shirt you need to cut off the upper part - it is no longer useful. The back and the front part are narrowed in shape, while the shelves with buttons go back, and the back panel turns into the front part of the blouse.

From the T-shirt you need to make a bodice with a round neckline and a back with a deep V-neck. Arms are enclosed and inscribed. The mouth is processed by turning. Then you need to level the top and bottom of the blouse, sweep them together and sew on the sewing machine. On top of the line on the front side of the product is trimming finishing tape.


Now, without a pattern, we sew trendy trousers-sharovary with our own hands. They can do yoga, dance, flaunt on the beach or in the country - this model of trousers does not restrain movement at all, because they are very free and spacious.

They consist of two parts - the pants themselves, which are made from a rectangular cut of fabric, and a belt. The material needs to be taken thin, flowing and well draped - it can be viscose, cotton fabric with frequent interlacing of threads, T-shirt knitwear, etc. For trousers, you will need a cut 140 cm wide and 120 cm long. 165 cm pants will reach (at the lowest point) to the ankles. In addition, you need to prepare a piece of fabric 64 x 20 cm for the belt and a wide elastic band.

Such trousers are made very simply:

  • cuts and edges of the fabric to put;
  • fold the material in half and in the upper part in the center, where the halves are closed, outline the place under the belt (32 cm);
  • pave lines on both sides to the marks;
  • belt detail folded along face to face and sew;
  • sweep the belt to the trousers, attach it;
  • Insert an elastic band into the belt and sew an open cut with a secret seam.

Everything! Here so quickly and without patterns we sew cool trousers trousers.

Pants for home

Making the next thing is demonstrated on the basis of children's pajamas, but this does not mean that such pants can not be sewn to an adult. And it can be not only wide pajama pants, but also narrow leggings. Their creation will also occur without patterns and without patterns. We sew just for some finished things, which will become a template.

Clothes need to be turned on the seamy side and fold the trouser leg to the trouser, properly straightening all the folds. Then the "pattern" is placed on a canvas folded in half, and circled with tailor's chalk. When cutting trousers, it is necessary to take into account the direction in which the fabric stretches! It is necessary to cut two such parts that are further stitched together. The fold of the fabric is the future side outer seams, and the sections indicated by the dotted line are the lines along which the inner (stepped) seam, the central and rear seams, and the perineum are stitched. The belt can be made with elastic or with drawstring.

Retro top

Another elementary thing in tailoring is a top with ties. This piece of clothing was particularly popular in the 60-70s in the West, but now it is regaining its former glory. This top will perfectly complement skinny jeans with a high rise or sunflower skirt skirt.

It consists of a rectangular piece of fabric and four stitches, which are sewn in its corners. The width of the product should be about the width of the shoulders. The material length is two product lengths plus 5-6 cm per hem. Before sewing the stamp, you need to prepare two narrow braids that are tied at the back, and cut two wide ties that intersect from the back in advance. Their length should be enough not only for the girth of the body, but also for the formation of a beautiful bow. How to sew a top can be seen in the picture in the article.

Shopping Bag

Finally, we will show how you can make two variants of bags with your own hands. We also sew them without patterns, since all measurements and calculations can be applied immediately to the fabric. The first bag is a rectangular-shaped shopping bag with a lining, so you need to prepare not only the outer fabric but also the inner lining for it.

After cutting the two panels of the required size, handles are sewn to the outside. Then in both parts lateral seams are made. Between the parts are connected so that the seams were inside the bag. To do this, the parts need to be turned inside out, stitch them in a circle together, leaving a small hole unsewn enough to turn the bag back. Then the not sewn area is swept away manually. To prevent the lining from slipping, around the circumference of the bag you can give a line at a distance of about two to three centimeters from the outer edge. The bag can be left as it is, but you can even form a bottom before stitching the two parts together. To do this, cut the corners, as shown in the figure.

Beach bag

Our last hand-made article is a fabric bag, for which it still doesn’t hurt to prepare a pattern. But we assure that its construction will have no difficulty. It is undesirable to make drawings on the eye directly on the fabric, since the product consists of four parts, which will then need to be combined with each other. In general, the progress of the work is clear from the picture, we only turn the attention of readers to how the pens are stitched together. To halves beautifully connected, one of them needs a little narrow.

We hope that the proposed master classes will appeal to readers, and they will definitely bring them to life.