Summer knitting tops: schemes, patterns, description

Summer tops knitting needles for the fair sex this season have become very popular. They are worn by many women and girls. Age is not a hindrance here. And this is by no means a strange choice: summer tops for women, knitted with knitting needles, are always practical and comfortable. But the main thing - they can, if desired, be made independently

Summer tops knitting needles for the fair sex this season have become very popular. They are worn by many women and girls. Age is not a hindrance here. And this is by no means a strange choice: summer tops for women, knitted with knitting needles, are always practical and comfortable. But the main thing - they can, if desired, be made independently.

Cotton is the ideal choice for yarn because it is good for clothes in both the warm and cold seasons. This suggests that the top can be worn not only in summer, but also worn under a jacket in the autumn, creating a bit romantic from the image of strict. And these tops, worn under the jacket, can be worn not only at work. They are suitable for going to the theater, in a cafe, and will come in handy for receiving guests. Let's try to figure out how they fit.

Openwork top color young green. Preparatory stage

A summer cotton top with knitting needles, very neatly made, with a leaf pattern, can perfectly complement the romantic image of any girl or woman. It knits with needles from soft threads. The proposed scheme is designed for size 46-48.

Needles need number 3.5 and green yarn (cotton, 214 m / 100 g) - 400 g

It is necessary to knit according to the presented pattern with a fancy openwork pattern. Facial smoothness. Elastic 1x1.

The density of this knitting in this case should be: 26 p. X 28 p. openwork pattern = 10 to 10 cm; 23 p. X 29 p. res. = 10 to 10 cm.

Please note: before you start knitting, you need to make a pattern in full size. This will help to figure out what's what, novice masters.

Openwork top color young green. We knit back and before

Summer tops knitting needles knit is not always very difficult. Although the schematics or descriptions seem very incomprehensible. And direct proof of this is this beautiful outfit.

It is necessary to knit a back so. On the knitting needles you need to dial 146 eyelets and knit one row face up on the wrong side. Getting started.

1st row of fancy openwork pattern: knit according to pattern 12 loops on the right, then repeat the repeat of 18 loops seven times and knit the last 8 loops on the left side. Repeat Figure 1 from the first to the sixteenth rows eight times and then knit according to Figure 1 from the first to the third rows.

Further, the fourth row of knit in Figure 2 - on the wrong side. In the row, exactly 47 hinges are reduced - 99 hinges remain on the needles

Now you need to knit the 1x1 gum, and one end is always knitted from each edge. After the 12.5 cm rubber band is connected, it is necessary to close 39 loops in the center in order to cut the neck. Now it's time to tie the armhole.

After five more centimeters of elastic are knit, not forgetting the edge loops, to knit the front surface. Now you can close the remaining 30 loops of the shoulder. The second armhole fits in the same way.

Before you should knit the same way as the back, the height of the elastic in the ideal ratio is 5.5 cm. Close 39 eyelets in the middle, and then knit each armhole separately. After tying the 12 cm rubber band, it is necessary to close the 30 loops that remain. The second armhole knit the same.

Openwork top color young green. How to unite everything?

That's how we knit summer top with knitting needles. Now you need to put all the pieces together. It is done this way. All items need to expand on the pattern, slightly moistened from the wrong side and allowed to dry.

First sew shoulder seams, side seams. And here we must remember that the neckline cutout will begin about 3.5 cm higher than the gum begins. Everything. New, beautiful and stylish outfit ready. It remains only to try it on and go out.

Knit a beautiful top, using the pattern of the removed loops. What is required for knitting?

Let's try to tie another summer top knitting needles. The diagrams and descriptions will give the full picture necessary for productive work.

At size 36/38, 150 g of white, pink and violet yarn (a combination of cotton, silk and polyamide), circular needles No. 3.5 and hook No. 4 are useful.

Pattern 1 fits like this: the front surface in the front rows - the front loops, in the back rows - the back.

Pattern 2: the looped pattern is circular rows (the number of loops in the 15-18th circular rows and in the 31-34th circular rows is a multiple of 8; in the remaining circular rows is a multiple of two), knit according to a pattern. It presents odd circular rows.

Even circular rows: loops need to be knitted with a thread of color, which is in the previous circular row in the pattern; loops that were removed, again remove. As purl, the thread should be at work.

Knit a beautiful top, using the pattern of the removed loops. Knit rapport

Rapport must be constantly repeated.

It should be performed once from the 1st to the 42nd rows, and then all the time to repeat from the 11th to the 42nd round rows. Rows in two directions - forward and reverse: the diagram indicates that these are exactly the rows of faces.

The purl rows: the loops are knitted, as in the series before, the loops that were removed must be removed again as purl, and the thread should be stretched in front of the canvas. The density of knitting should be 25 loops x 36 rows = 10x10 cm.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that before the summer armored top spokes for beginners (namely, this can be said about this model, because it is not very complicated), knit in one canvas in rows in a circle. The reductions that are needed in order to make a fit, depicted in the form of bevels.

Elongated top. Start knitting

On the knitting needles with a cruciform dial, you need to dial 232 loops using purple yarn. Close into the ring and continue to knit with pattern 2. It will be more convenient if the side lines at the beginning of the circular row are marked, as well as after the 116th loop of the circular row. When 35 cm are made (these are 126 rows from the beginning of knitting and the 31st row of the scheme), in order to fit the top, you should knit two loops together on the front in each rapport so that there are only five facial loops between the two loops removed. The result is 203 loops.

From this description it can be understood that knitting summer tops with knitting needles is, in general, not so difficult. The main thing - to adhere to the presented schemes and descriptions of work.

To make a central cut of the back, tied 45.5 cm (this is 164 rows from the beginning), you need to divide all the work after fifty loops (this is the middle of the back) and continue your knitting in rows in the direction of both forward and reverse. When 50.5 cm is connected (these are 182 rows from the beginning), it’s time to start knitting the armholes, and to begin the work from the back section so: we knit 46 loops, close 10 loops (this will be the left proimple), now 92 loops need to be knitted in order to make before, we close 9 loops (this is the right armhole) and knit 46 more loops.

Those 92 loops

Now, for the time being, put back the loops on the back of the top and continue knitting with 92 loops, based on the pattern. After 65 cm (this is 234 rows from the beginning), it is necessary to close the average 30 loops to make the neck. Both sides are now linked separately.

To achieve rounding on the inner edge, you should use every second row - close two loops twice, three times two, and once once. After 69 cm (this is 248 rows from the beginning) you can close the remaining shoulder loops - 18 pieces on each side. Now you need to continue to work on both halves of the back on 46 eyelets, of course separately. When 56 cm are ready (these are 202 circular rows from the beginning of work), continue to knit on 4 details. These are 32 loops of the right halves of the back, 14 loops on the right crossed notch, 14 loops on the left crossed notch and 32 loops on the left half of the back.

After 60.5 cm (this is 218 rows from the beginning of the work), fourteen loops of both halves of the backrest, which were knitted separately, should be crossed over. That is, the first 14 loops should be placed for the second 14 loops. Now you can continue to knit using all 92 loops - on a single canvas.

From neck to shoulders

Women's summer top needles need to be knitted very carefully, because the result of all the work will depend on the attention not less than on the knitter’s skill level. Tops are often very laced or with complex beautiful patterns. After all, women want to be elegant warm summer days. Therefore, the description and schemes should be treated responsibly.

In order to make both transverse cuts, it is necessary to knit in the next second row like this: knit 16 loops, then close 18, knit 24 again, close another 18 loops, knit 16 loops again. We must continue to work on all three parts separately, paying attention to the pattern. After 63 cm (these are 226 circular rows from the beginning of knitting), dial on the working needles 18 closed loops and work again using a single canvas, including 92 loops.

When 69 cm is connected (this is 248 rows from the beginning), all loops should be closed. The average loops in the amount of 56 pieces will form a neck, and the outer ones - 18 pieces left and right - form the shoulders.

How to put together?

Probably, it has already become clear that the summer tops can be knitted with knitting needles, with some effort. To be able to try on a new thing, you need to connect all the details. First you need to make shoulder seams. Cut the back of the product should be processed with a purple thread in three circular rows of connecting posts. In this case, from the second circular row, the prepared hook should be inserted exclusively behind the back back loops of the previous row. The edges of the armholes and the neck of the product are tied with a violet thread - one circular row will suffice - using crocheted columns and connecting bars.

Summer tops of large sizes knit knit in the same way as tops for girls slender. The only difference is that it will take a little more yarn, and therefore the work will take a little longer. But for experienced knitters nothing is impossible. It is so?