Pattern dolls Tatiana Konne: master class

We all come from childhood! And if the adult boys love cars, albeit in full size, then ladies of all ages freeze at the sight of dolls in beautiful, tastefully chosen costumes. A special place is occupied by textiles. They are soft and pleasant to the touch, they have something native and cozy. This fabric girl, boy or animal you want to squeeze and not let go

We all come from childhood! And if the adult boys love cars, albeit in full size, then ladies of all ages freeze at the sight of dolls in beautiful, tastefully chosen costumes. A special place is occupied by textiles. They are soft and pleasant to the touch, they have something native and cozy. This fabric girl, boy or animal you want to squeeze and not let go. Such products are created by Tatyana Konne.

Puppets skilled workers are also called Snowballs or Big-Knives. If you have a desire to try to make a toy based on Tatiana Konne's doll, the pattern and master class are presented in this article.

About the artist and her products

Each of its offspring is worked out to the smallest detail, toys can be considered endlessly! The pattern of Tatiana Konne's doll is quite simple. There is no original from the artist in the public domain, but in this article you will see patterns that you can change during the sewing process. Once you have the experience, you can create your own pattern.

Tatyana is a designer by training. She graduated from the International University of Business and Management, Design and Advertising. She worked very little in her specialty, since she went on maternity leave. Sitting at home, she was fascinated by the creation of textile dolls, developed a unique method of sewing toys on her own pattern. Tatiana Konne's dolls are currently popular all over the world. And then you will get acquainted with the stages of creating products.

How to create dolls of Tatiana Konne: pattern and master class

Prepare the cloth. It can be a doll jersey, cotton, flax. Take patterns, pin them to the fabric with pins, circle. Without cutting the details, stitch them on the sewing machine. Remember to leave holes for the filler.

Below is the proposed pattern of Tatiana Konne's doll, in which the head is a separate part.

Now it is necessary to cut out the details, leaving 0.5 cm at the edges. If in your handicraft arsenal there are zigzag scissors, then process the edges with them. Then the material will not crumble.

Now every detail needs to be filled with holofiber or other filler to your taste.

The soles of the shoes need to be strengthened: stick on them several layers of non-woven fabric. Pin this item with the studs on the legs. Sew the elements, leaving a hole for stuffing.

To cut out shoes from any thick fabric (for example, felt). Boots should be a little bigger than the legs themselves. Details to connect and put them on the toy.

The process of collecting dolls looks like this:

  1. First sew the head to the body (if the head is cut out separately).
  2. Sewing limbs with button fastening.
  3. We fasten hair.
  4. We draw eyes on the face.
  5. Tint the cheeks with pastel or cosmetic blush.
  6. We dress the doll.

Now you know the stages of assembling the doll based on Tatiana Konne. Patterns in addition, you can see below. There are several options for patterns: one-piece head and body, as well as when it is sewn separately.

Patterns of shoes for Tatiana Konne dolls

There is one trick for Tatiana Konne: she often gets ready-made shoes for newborns for her toy kids. But most often shoes or slippers have to be sewn. Below you will see the pattern of shoes for a large doll.

Filler for dolls

The filler plays a huge role in the creation of textile toys. It depends on him how much the doll will serve its owners. The filler is also responsible for the smoothness of the “skin” of a textile person or animal.

In the needle shops you will find a large number of fillers, but in fact it all comes down to the fact that only one or two are suitable. In this part of the article we will analyze everything that manufacturers offer, and the choice is yours. So, all fillers are divided into natural and synthetic.

Natural fillers

These include:

  • cotton wool
  • wool,
  • sawdust,
  • natural herbs,
  • cereals.

Vata. Its only advantage is that you can buy it at any pharmacy. Even the fact that it consists entirely of cotton will never cause allergies, and even if a child gutters a toy and eats a piece, then nothing terrible will happen.

The cons of wool as a filler is a huge amount:

  • Toy can not be washed.
  • Mold may appear in the filler, as it absorbs moisture from the air.
  • It is very difficult to evenly fill the product.

Verdict: you can stuff the toys with cotton only if you are ready to change it frequently. Only a product made of very dense fabric can be stuffed with this filler, otherwise ugly bumps on the surface are inevitable.

Wool (sliver). This is a pure combed wool of high mountain purebred sheep. It is not colored, has no extraneous odors, pleasant to the touch and even has medicinal properties.

A huge disadvantage of this filler is the high price. In addition, it is sold in reels. To purchase it for filling one product is expensive. Basically, this filler is used in the manufacture of Waldorf pupae. Remember that products with wool inside can not be washed. The filler will have to be changed once a year.

Cereals. Completely stuffing a large rice with rice, for example, is definitely not worth it! But it is possible to weight Snowball's legs for sustained calcined buckwheat. It is necessary to ignite the croup so that parasites do not start there.

Sawdust. They are filled with teddy bears. Material specific and for filling dolls is not suitable.

Synthetic fillers

So here we look at:

  • Holofiber
  • Sintepon.
  • Sintepukh.
  • Glass granulate.

Holofiber The most common type of stuffing. Working with him is easy. Over time, you will have the skill, and the toy tubercles that resemble cellulite, completely disappear. You can buy it in any needle shop. It is sold pre-packaged in 0.5 kg bags. A little trick: look for cheap pillows in stores with this filling. Sometimes buying them is more profitable than buying holofiber on weight.

Sintepon. The most common material that is well known to us since the days of the USSR. It is sold in rolls. Before packing it will have to be torn and rolled into loose balls. They can only be stuffed with thick fabric. In other cases, "cellulite" can not be avoided.

Sintepukh. The filler that behaves best in toys. But working with him is difficult, as it crumbles into small details. A certain skill is needed, but the result is worth it — the surface will be perfectly smooth. The filler is not cheap, but if you are planning to make elite products, then you should learn how to work with synthetic pelt.

Glass granulate. They fill the limbs of Teddy bears. The granulate is perfect for weighting the legs of the dolls-Snowflakes.

After reading this article, you should get a great doll of Tatiana Konne Snowball. Pattern of products based on the works of the famous master will be the basis for the patterns, which you will create with time yourself. After all, every needlewoman should have their own handwriting.