Dolls from nylon and sintepon with their own hands

It's nice to make beautiful and original things for children. Make a toy for your daughter or as a gift for a loved one. It's pretty simple, you just need to know how to make dolls from nylon and padding polyester with their own hands. Material for creativity will require a minimum, but the result will certainly please

It's nice to make beautiful and original things for children. Make a toy for your daughter or as a gift for a loved one. It's pretty simple, you just need to know how to make dolls from nylon and padding polyester with their own hands. Material for creativity will require a minimum, but the result will certainly please.

Doll "old woman" for your beloved grandmother: prepare everything you need

Such an interesting toy can please not only a child, but also an adult. If you have an elderly person in your family - a grandmother, you can present her a thing made with love. Now about how to make a doll from caprone and synthetic winterizer, so that it will turn out the same as in the photo.

First of all, prepare:

  • Tights (suitable knitted or kapron).
  • Sintepon.
  • Threads in the color of tights.
  • Threads blue and pink.
  • Shreds fabric
  • Yarn.
  • Wax crayons or dye for fabric.
  • For the frame - wire.
  • Needle.

It is better to immediately put in front of you everything that dolls are made of nylon and padding polyester, so as not to be distracted and engage in an interesting type of needlework with pleasure.

We start to create from the head

Take a piece of padding polyester and fill them with the toes of the pantyhose. The toe itself will become the upper part of the head of the doll. Give this detail a rounded shape. Take some padding polyester and put it inside. He will become the nose of a power lady.

Slightly pull it forward, walk around with a needle, in the ear of which a thread is inserted in the color of pantyhose. It is better if her tone is corporal. Give your nose any shape you want. Do not forget the nostrils, make them with a few stitches.

Make face ears

The manufacture of the doll from nylon and sintepon continues. Now you need to make the eyes of a toy. You can do it quite simply - buy them in advance at a haberdashery, which sells such accessories for making toys. To make them yourself is also easy.

For eyelids, cut a piece of tights, fold it in half and sew it on top of the eyes. Squirrels and pupils paint with fabric paint or wax crayons. You can glue pieces of skin instead of pupils.

Ears are made on the principle of the eyelids. From an unnecessary part of tights, cut a piece of fabric, fold it in half, put a little padding polyester inside.

To make the head more voluminous, cut out a larger piece of fabric from tights. Tamp down with a padding polyester, shape the lozenges and sew on the back of the head.

Make a mouth with two pieces of pantyhose fabric. Sew it with a thread of a suitable color.

Frame for arms, legs, torso

That's the way dolls are made of nylon and padding polyester. But so far only the head is ready. Now proceed to the other parts of the body of the toy.

Take a large wire, fold it in half. In the center, fold a small loop, it will sit on her head. Now, from one half of the wire, make the right side of the doll, and from the second - the left.

Next, make this wire shoulders, arms, legs. By the same principle, it is possible to make a frame not only for an old lady doll, but also for a girl doll. If your fantasy goes even further, you can make a toy of a male or some kind of fairy-tale hero.

Reaching the fingers of the heroine, roll the wire so that it repeats their shape. On your feet, make smaller fingers.

This is how dolls are made from caprone and sintepon.

We give the basis of the form and finish the work

Once the frame is ready, start it tightly wrap synthetic padding. Wrap it around the frame of the fingers and toes. In order for these parts to stand out well, a lot of material is not needed in these areas.

If you conceived to make dolls from caprone and sinteponone with your own hands large, then for this you need 2-3 pairs of tights. Put one pair on the legs of the toy, then stretch them so that the upper part of the pantyhose becomes her torso. From another you sewed your head, and now make your hands.

Now make eyebrows from a bulky thread, sew them into place. Fluff the rest of the yarn, make a wig out of it, put it on the doll, sew it. Put the lower part of the head on the loop of the frame, sew it with a strong thread.

If your heroine is big, you can not sew special clothes for her, but put on a daughter's dress, which is not enough for her. If not, sew sundress for toys and cap. You can cut a triangle of fabric, hack it up and just tie it on the doll's head.

It remains with the help of pink chalk to give a blush, put on glasses on the sewn face and admire what happened.

That's the way such dolls are made of nylon and padding polyester with their own hands. With the help of a needle and thread, you can change the age of the toy at your discretion, having made not a young one, but a young one.

Simple model

He will tell you how such dolls are made of nylon and padding polyester, photo. Such charming toys tinkering is even easier. Start with the head. In the same way as in the first example, fill it with padding polyester, but make the nose small and neat. To do this, walk around him with a needle and thread.

The ears for this model do not need to, as this part of the face is hidden behind the hair, and make them from thick yarn. Wind back the chair or something like a thread in a circle. Then cut them from one side and the other. You got a lot of thick threads of the same size. Find their middle. Putting the threads on the doll's head, align the center of the crown with the middle of the thread, sew in this place with a needle. Braid braids, tie them with bows or a rubber band.

Making the rest of the body simple doll

The master class will help to make similar dolls from nylon and synthetic winterizer. The next step is the construction of the body, arms and legs. They are made on a wire basis or without it. If you want to use the second method, tamp the socks of the second pair of tights with a padding polyester, drag them with a thread at the junction of the hands with the palms. Mark the fingers with stitches.

Feet do the same way. Put on them baby socks or sew them yourself. You can use old baby booties or tie them.

After you dress the doll in a dress, she will appear in all her glory. You can finish the work, but if you want to create further, then try to use plastic bottles when making dolls from nylon and synthetic winterizer. MK (master class) will teach this.

Toy on the bottle

For this model, in addition to the basic materials, you will need a plastic bottle of slightly rounded shape, with a “waist” in the middle. Cut the bottom from it and set on a flat surface.

Wind the bottle outside with padding polyester. Wear one part of the pantyhose on top, after cutting off the toe part. You should only see the bottleneck. At this point, pass the thread through the upper part of the pantyhose fabric, tighten. Tie the thread and the waist of the bottle.

Now cut a little smaller piece of fabric from the tights. Sew on top of the thread, then tighten, leaving a small hole equal to the diameter of the upper part of the bottle neck.

Put this item on the bottle, fill it with padding polyester, make the same face as in the first example. Sew a hole at the crown, attach hair or tie a scarf.

The body and head are ready, it remains to make hands. Fold 5 pieces of wire in the form of fingers, wrap them with padding polyester. Put on this base a piece of pantyhose, tie the fingers, tamper with the padding polyester, the upper part of the hands, sew them into place.

It remains to dress the doll in a dress and you can present the designer gift to an adult or child.