Kids crafts for kindergarten do it yourself (photo)

Applied art is creativity that can be started at any age. Even if the interests of the child change soon, children's handicrafts for kindergarten, made with their own hands, will definitely benefit and may give impetus to the development of abilities in something else. Children's creativity To occupy the child, you need to give him the opportunity to express themselves in many activities: modeling, drawing, designing

Applied art is creativity that can be started at any age. Even if the interests of the child change soon, children's handicrafts for kindergarten, made with their own hands, will definitely benefit and may give impetus to the development of abilities in something else.

Children's creativity

To occupy the child, you need to give him the opportunity to express themselves in many activities: modeling, drawing, designing. For someone more suitable sport or music. Observing the degree of involvement of the child in the process, it can be understood that he is more occupied, that he is bored more quickly, in what kind of activity he shows perseverance, even if some moments fail to work right away.

If we proceed from the theory of psychologists that every child is talented from birth, then it is possible and even necessary to try to reveal these his inclinations. We must not miss the moment of the beginning of the manifestation of abilities to the activity: applied arts, art, sport, sciences.

Often the beginning of this process is not easy to identify. In order not to waste time, you can offer your child to constantly produce versatile simple children's crafts for kindergarten with their own hands (see photo below). According to his interest in such activities and the degree of involvement in the creative process, it is likely that he is more likely to assert to what kind of activity.

Simple crafts

Fresh air and sports for the child is a guarantee of health. But for each parent it is important that the children not only grow, but also develop mentally and creatively. By offering to make children's crafts for the kindergarten with your own hands (photo below), you can form their habit of working with the tool: to design, glue, weave, scissor, sculpt from clay or plasticine using a variety of shapes and patterns.

All these applied forms of creativity contribute to the development of skills and inclinations to do it yourself. Such an approach will definitely not be superfluous, it will be useful in the future adult life. The main thing is that the process of creativity does not take place under duress. It is better if everything is organized in an entertaining way.

Observance of such principles will form a child's natural interest in classes. As a result, they will have a beneficial effect on attention, visual memory, and observation. In the process of work fine motor skills of hands develop rapidly and intensively, and during communication, speech.


For the development of the child, it is important to teach him to make children's crafts for the kindergarten with his own hands with meaning. Creativity using natural material will be useful in this case. Even a stone in the hands of a talented person can turn into a masterpiece of art. To find original ideas you need to learn how to fantasize.

Nature makes it possible to collect various materials and use them for children's creativity. A walnut shell can be a shell for a little turtle. Barbed rind chestnut - "clothes" for decorative hedgehog.

A whole walnut can be used as a base for any animal. It can be mounted on a toothpick, if you make a small hole in the base. The body can be a large open lump, and limbs can be chosen from suitable branches. It is convenient to use clay to connect parts and give finished products a finished look.

You can build an army of soldiers from acorns if you “put” them on their feet from matches. Also remnants of foam rubber, cloth, wool, wallpaper, old toys can be useful. Plywood, pieces of board or plastic can be used for stands.

Where to begin?

The organization of the creative process for children in the game space contributes to the knowledge of the surrounding world. Children's crafts for kindergarten, self-made, - this is not only a useful pastime, but also new knowledge. A child of younger preschool age cannot hold interest and attention for hard work for a long time.

When the final result of the creative process is not visible in advance, it is difficult to entice children with persuasion. At the same time, the same type of crafts can quickly get bored. In order not to waste time in the manufacture of more complex works, you can use pre-made templates that can be easily used for cutting, molding plastic material or drawing.

For the smallest, for example, we can offer a simple way of creativity. The outline of the image on white or colored paper is outlined with glue. If the child sprinkles such a sheet with small colored chips, then in the right places a familiar composition will be formed. This may be children's crafts for kindergarten for the New Year or other topics. In the spring, the idea of ​​composition can be a gift for mother's day. A great scope for imagination is also the Easter holiday.

Children's crafts for kindergarten: simple autumn (medium group)

Autumn can and should be harvested material for winter crafts. Foliage, interesting configuration dry twigs, acorns, chestnuts, cones - affordable, natural and ecological material for children's creativity.

Autumn precedes the winter holidays. Therefore, in order to be what to make children's crafts for kindergarten for the New Year, it is worthwhile to pre-assemble the suitable material. In the first place, of course, fir and pine cones. Suitable large and small, open and closed.

The original centipede can be collected from chestnuts. They are used as body segments. Paws can be made from dry fallen branches of a suitable configuration. They are stuck to chestnuts with the help of plasticine. Body segments can be placed in a fancy bend. This is especially liked by children. A centipede can be as long as it has enough material.

By the same principle, you can make a flower. For the base is taken acorn. With the help of plasticine, rosehip or chestnut is attached to it. Maple seeds collected in spring are used as a corolla.

Winter theme in the works

Even a three-year-old child can make children's Christmas crafts for kindergarten with their own hands. Of the cones and clay, he will already be able to build a simple decorative Christmas tree. It is better to install on a small basis. To do this, use the used spool of thread. For decorative it can be wrapped with foil. The fir-tree can be painted green and decorated with hand-rolled small plasticine balls of different colors.

If you can collect a lot of cones, then you can build a larger Christmas tree. To do this, roll the cone from thick paper and fix it in a vertical position. This will be the basis for the Christmas tree. Then the entire surface of the cone must be covered with cones. If you carefully choose the size and shape, as well as all of them neatly secured with a glue gun, you get a three-dimensional construction, resembling a natural tree. He can be dressed up with real or homemade Christmas decorations.


To make children's crafts for kindergarten with your own hands from colored paper - this is probably the first and most affordable thing a child can do. However, without the help of an adult mentor in this lesson can not do. Colored paper is well cut, bent and folded, it is convenient to glue it, to collect bright compositions from colorful parts.

Without much difficulty, you can make a bunch of grapes or a sprig of lilacs. For this you need a sheet of thick paper or cardboard for the base, as well as lilac and green paper. You can collect the details on the PVA or glue pencil.

From lilac paper cut suitable parts. For grapes - circles, for lilac - four-leaf flowers. For convenience and speed it is convenient to cut them from a sheet of paper folded several times. Then all the elements will have the same configuration and similar size.

On a piece of cardboard draw the outline of the future bunch, smear the base with glue and fill it with flowers or berries. From the green paper cut the stem, add one or two differently sized leaflets and the composition is ready. The child, depending on age, can help cut or simply glue the details along the contour of the image.

Children's crafts for kindergarten from natural material

Everything that can be gathered in nature should be used in applied arts. First of all, it is fallen leaves, branches, seeds, fruits of trees and shrubs. Some may like the art of picking up bouquets of dried plants. The list of materials suitable for creativity can be continued for a long time.

A simple crafts can be quickly made from a peculiar shape of pebbles, shells, acorn, chestnut. The choice of material depends on the imagination and ideas. Rosehips and rowan, burdock and burdock thorn, hazelnuts and walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkins, watermelon and melons - all can be adapted to create original compositions.

Weaving from vines, willow branches or straws is also an interesting occupation. It is still too early to create beautiful and practical household items in a kindergarten from such material, but it will not be superfluous to become familiar with the performance technique using the example of simple products.

Workplace organization and safety

Based on personal observations, parents can determine the range of interests of their child. In this they can help the kindergarten teachers. They see what a pupil succeeds in, and they can tell in which circle of early development a child can be recorded so that he can do what he likes.

Creative work can be practiced at home. To get started is to equip the workplace. To the child did not distract, on the table should not be foreign objects. The creative process is associated with a positive attitude. You may need some fun music to make it happen.

Paints, glue and plasticine in the hands of a child - this is a material that can stain clothes and furniture. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance the "clothing" and a removable tablecloth for the table to work. It is possible to use cutting and piercing tools, but the child should work with them under special supervision after becoming familiar with the safety rules.

By instilling in children a love for applied arts, parents form their desire to comprehend the world around them. Making practical children's crafts for the kindergarten with his own hands, the child creates a desire to be useful to society.

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