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Not only souvenir manufacturers are actively preparing for large-scale sporting events. Usually, even the central bank of the country in which the competition takes place is activated at such times. As an example, you can take the Olympic Games, held in Sochi. A few years before the start of the competition, the first Olympic coins began to appear

Not only souvenir manufacturers are actively preparing for large-scale sporting events. Usually, even the central bank of the country in which the competition takes place is activated at such times. As an example, you can take the Olympic Games, held in Sochi. A few years before the start of the competition, the first Olympic coins began to appear. Gradually, the series was replenished with new copies. To understand all their diversity is now extremely difficult.

Total number of coins

The release of Olympic coins dedicated to Sochi, launched in 2011. By that time, the sketches of these products were approved, so it was possible to proceed with its minting. The release of such coins lasted for three years, until the first months of 2014. During this period, the Central Bank has distributed about 40 varieties of different denominations throughout the country. If you read them carefully, you can understand that the sketches were prepared by different artists. Coin production methods were also different. The most expensive of them were minted with the help of new technologies, which previously only had to dream. This is especially true for gilded copies. Previously, those did not differ beauty. But now the methods of applying gilding have changed, so that the pattern on the reverse is seen very well.

Images on coins

It was very difficult for artists to choose a theme for the images with which the reverse sides of the Olympic coins would be supplied. As a result, specimens of non-precious metals began to popularize among the people the talismans of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, as well as subsequent Paralympics. The very first Olympic coins (25 rubles) turned out to be as simple as possible. They have an image of a snow-covered mountain and the logo of the upcoming competitions. But this simplicity is fascinating. Many collectors recognize that of the entire series it is this copy that they like the most.

If you look at the full set of Olympic coins, you can be surprised at the topics chosen by the artists. These sports were not always depicted. Sometimes these products of the Central Bank were designed to promote the cultural heritage of our country. And on the coins, the best places of the Krasnodar Territory, in which the 2014 Olympic Games were held, were displayed.

Commemorative coins

Uninformed residents of Russia believe that our main bank is engaged only in issuing ordinary and commemorative coins. But this is a deep mistake. For the Olympic Games in Sochi produced three types of coins. Memorable had a 25-ruble denomination. They have a fairly large diameter. On the obverse, the denomination, year of release and a double-headed eagle are shown. Such coins were made of non-precious alloys, and therefore their circulation was the largest.

Not everyone knows how many Olympic coins (their types) of the 25-ruble face value were issued. If we take into account only specimens without gilding and color drawings, then there are four of them. The first one shows a mountain with the emblem of the Olympiad, the other two - the talismans of the games, on the last - a torch against the background of our country. Coins with talismans were minted in 2012 and 2013. But by the beginning of 2014 there was a re-release. These coins differ from the original only in the year indicated on the obverse.

Precious metal coins

Many guests of Sochi bought memorable coins as souvenirs. But there are other coins with Olympic symbols, which are of investment type. It is easy to guess that such products of the Central Bank are the most expensive. Soon even experienced collectors will not be able to tell how much this type of Olympic coin costs. The fact is that initially they were sold by Sberbank at the cost of the metal from which they are made. Silver coins were cheaper than gold coins. But after a few years the price of such products will increase significantly. It will affect the minimum circulation of some coins and the increase in the value of the noble metal. You do not think that the price of gold will fall?

Sberbank sold similar Olympic coins right up to the start of the games themselves. Their cost ranged from one to ten thousand rubles. However, now you can safely forget about such prices. The circulation of each coin was sold in a very short time. Now investment Olympic coins can only be purchased from lucky collectors. Is it worth it - a very big question.

Coin is not a token

Some popular resources list a huge amount of investment coins issued for the Sochi Olympics. But it should be remembered that the administration of such sites is not always well versed in this topic. Sometimes resources confuse coins with tokens. The latter can also be minted in gold or silver.

It is necessary to understand that its face value must be indicated on the coin. And it does not matter at all that the real value of the investment coin is equal to the current price of the material from which it is cast. Silver products received a 3-ruble denomination. Gold coins have face value of 50 and 100 rubles. Tokens of the same denomination do not have a medal. Not to mention that only the Central Bank has the right to mint. They can be used as a payment throughout the country. Theoretically, in any store should take an investment coin at its face value.

Commemorative coins of precious metals

Investment coins are of special artistic value. The Russian government understood that they would be sold at the cost of gold and silver. Only a few years later, the collection value of such products may arise. Another thing - precious memorable coins. The best Russian artists worked on them with particular diligence. As a result, the Olympic coins made of precious metals turned out to be incredibly beautiful. Already because of this, they can be sold at a great price.

The nominal value of such products of the central bank can be equal to 3, 50, 100 and even 1000 rubles. But their real value is always much higher. The price is affected by the quality and beauty of the image available on the reverse, as well as the size of the circulation.

Circulation is a very interesting topic. Gold and silver are expensive metals, there are not very many of them in the depths of our planet (to put it mildly). Therefore, the circulation of such coins tends to a minimum value. Usually it is only 1000 copies. Imagine how much such a rare coin will have in decades. And this is not a record. There is a silver 200-ruble Olympic coin. It is released in an edition of 500 copies. And Sberbank sells gold coins in denominations of 25 thousand rubles. They minted only 100 pieces.

Memorable precious coins are taxed. Therefore, buyers need to pay not only their value indicated by the bank, but also take into account VAT. As for the drawings depicted on such coins, they are divided into two themes. The first series includes Olympic coins depicting winter sports. In the second category are products with views of the Krasnodar Territory.

Non-standard coins

The Central Bank launched only ordinary 25-ruble Olympic coins. If you are very lucky, you can find a similar coin in the surrender. But there are non-standard products of the Central Bank. Such Olympic coins of 25 rubles are only nominally. In fact, the cost of each of them is at least 500 rubles.

We are talking about coins, on which there is a color image. This is a new technology for the Russian Central Bank, previously it was used only by Western countries. There are four colored coins. These are all the same talismans, mountain and torch. Such coins are sold in special blisters, sometimes a booklet is delivered with them.

The cost of Olympic coins

Buy Olympic coins is now becoming increasingly difficult. Their release has long ceased, and in their turnover is the minimum number. That's why the cost of Olympic coins is constantly growing. Least of all this concerns the ordinary 25-ruble coins of base metal. There were quite a lot of them, so collectors are still actively selling them at all kinds of auctions.

It is quite another thing - how much are the Olympic coins from precious metals. The circulation of such products was minimal. Almost all the coins sold out in a short time. Due to this, the price for them increases significantly.

25-ruble coins with a color pattern in the price also grow. But this process will be longer. Such products are minted not the largest circulation. But they do not know very much about such products of the Central Bank. Therefore, for the year the price of colored coins almost did not grow. She will not grow even in a year. And only from the end of 2015 will begin to increase significantly. However, all these are only forecasts, and the market for collectible products gives them the least.

How to buy olympic coins

If everything is clear with the prices, the question remains about the methods of buying Olympic commemorative coins. The easiest way now for these purposes is to use auctions. So, you can try to purchase products of the Central Bank for relatively little money. However, it should be remembered that the delivery will be carried out by registered mail. If they find out in the mail that the letter contains coins, they can be brazenly stolen. Also, such shipment does not comply with the rules of postal service in Russia Letters and parcels should contain only printed products. The problem is solved by sending a parcel. But for this the seller will require you to pay extra.

There is also an opportunity to purchase Olympic coins in various online stores. Products are sold both individually and in sets. Prices are slightly higher than at auctions. But the cost is fixed, and you will not have to wait until the end of the auction due to their absence. A purchase is delivered by parcel; it reaches the buyer in integrity and security. In some cases it is possible delivery by courier.

Related Products

If you order a whole set of Olympic coins, you should immediately think about the method of its storage. Normally used for this special albums. A variety of albums were issued for the Sochi Olympics, intended for both ordinary 25-ruble coins and color coins. Products made of precious metals are stored in blisters. For them, individual albums were not released.

What is the interest?

Olympic coins are primarily the memory of the wonderful games that were successfully held in Sochi. Therefore, they can be ordered even to an ordinary person who is not engaged in collecting. It is also a great gift, especially if coins are provided along with the album.

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