Doll Zernovushka do it yourself

Folk doll Zernovushka has many names. She was also called Krupenichka, Pea, Buckwheat. Initially, dolls were made in the villages at the end of the harvest in the fields. The practical and magical role of the doll At the beginning of autumn, the selected part of the harvested grain was folded into a specially made bag

Folk doll Zernovushka has many names. She was also called Krupenichka, Pea, Buckwheat. Initially, dolls were made in the villages at the end of the harvest in the fields.

The practical and magical role of the doll

At the beginning of autumn, the selected part of the harvested grain was folded into a specially made bag. Especially carefully treated to capricious buckwheat. The bag was called "pussy." He was from the canvas, with ties on top. He was given the appearance of a pupa. The doll was placed in the Red Corner of the hut, in the spring the filling was carefully withdrawn. Mixed with another grain and sowed on the field with the wishes of a good harvest. Later, masters began to sew such dolls specially, decorating them with symbolic embroidery.

Modern attitude to the talisman

After a while, the dolls began to put several types of grain at once, as well as other things that were considered talismans. Charm began to give for Christmas and Christmas time. Each hostess was happy about such a gift as a grain doll. The craftswomen tried to sew them for all relatives with their own hands.

Saved today and will be the perfect gift for people close to you for the New Year holidays or Christmas. The main thing is to present the gift with sincere wishes of good, health and good luck. Next, let's talk about how to make a doll Zernovushka with your own hands.

What was the name of the charm in different parts of the Russian land

Doll Zernovushka in different parts of Russia had different names. It all depended on which cultures were more valued by residents. In the southern part, buckwheat was more loved, and a doll was stuffed with it. Accordingly, she had a name - Buckwheat. Where millet was most respected, it was called Krupenichka. In the northern regions, she was given the name Zernovushka and was filled with oats.

Master class number 1: how to make a doll Zernovushki do it yourself

It is worth noting that making it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Making dolls Zernovushki start with the selection of beautiful fabrics, because the talisman should you like. Only in this case it will work.

For tailoring pupae you will need:

  • Fabric two-thread, to create a bag (10 x 12 cm).
  • Cotton for a skirt (5.5x10 cm), for sleeves (3.5x2 cm), for a scarf (12x17 cm).
  • Flax for apron (6x5.5 cm)
  • Band.

Sew a regular bag from the double-stitch. Pour into it pre-cooked filler. It should not be very tight. Tie on top. Drag it to a thread just above the middle. The little body of the pupa is ready, you can proceed to tailoring.

First make a skirt. Sew it out of cotton, sew a rectangle along the short side, and put it on the doll. From a piece of flax make an apron. You can pre-decorate it with embroidery, and then stretch the thread, thus creating a fringe. Tie the skirt and apron thread.

Next, sew the doll hands. To do this, take two cotton rectangle. Bend and smooth the edges so that it is not sprinkled. For this you need to take two squares of white calico. Fold it twice with a "scarf", and pull the corners to the middle.

Connect the sleeve and palm, winding them together with a thread. Similarly, make a second hand. Tighten both sleeves to the neck.

Decorate the head. Tie a piece of lace to it. Take the flap of the same cotton from which the skirt is sewn, and open the triangle. Tie it on your head like a kerchief.

How to sew a doll Zernovushka (very simple way)

This master class is so simple that even children of primary school age will cope with it. Take two types of cotton: white and colored, knitting, and filler. From a colored fabric, cut a circle with a radius of 16.5 cm. Thread the needle and sew a circle around the perimeter with simple stitches. Pull it off a bit and pour in the filler. Now it is possible to completely pull off the formed ball and sew it up.

Cut out a second circle with a radius of 8 cm from white fabric. Similarly, we sew it along the perimeter with simple stitches. A little we tighten a thread, we fill a ball with cotton wool, a synthetic winterizer or a holofiber (at choice). Sew between the torso and head.

Making doll hair. Take a thick knitting thread, the right color. Wind them onto the can, making about 20 turns.

Remove them from the tank. Attach folded threads to the head and secure with a back needle stitch. Make the doll tails, winding the ends of the "hair" with thin rubber bands. If you wish, you can decorate her outfit with an apron of lace, and your hairstyle with ribbons, an artificial flower or a small vest. Slavic coastal dolls are always made without a face.

Male hypostasis Zernovushki - man-richer

A rich man appeared later than Zernovushka. He can be considered her younger relative. They made such a guardian with a specific goal - to attract money to the house, that is, so that it was possible not only to live a full life, but also to save money. The amulet was filled not only with grain, but also with coins or bills. Clothes to the muzhik were sewed elegant, dapper. It should have been bright fabrics, beautiful braid, embroidery.

In the house a rich man was supposed to find a place for himself. He was often rearranged and tried to understand whether he liked one or another corner. A sure sign was that the doll began to blend in with its surroundings.

Game rag doll Pea

After a while, the doll-amulet moved to the nursery. The needlewomen began to sew a prototype of Zernovushka - Pea. Pupa for games stuffed with peas or beans. Our ancestors were wise, although they did not know that such a filler develops fine motor skills in children. They acted intuitively, and only after a while scientists proved that the child’s intelligence “lives” in the finger tips. After all, when massaging pads with filler, the brain lobes are used, which are responsible for the baby’s speech.

Not only little girls used to play with such dolls. They were also played by boys up to 7–8 years old (while the child walked in a shirt). As soon as he began to dress up in trousers, games with dolls stopped.

What can fill the grain cherries (filling value)

Each hostess filled the doll depending on the needs of the family. For the amulet they took the largest and necessarily integral elements. Inside the talisman can not put chalked grain, flakes. Each filler had its own meaning:

  • Corn - the health of the smallest inhabitants of the house (children and pets).
  • Pea symbolizes friendship and peace in the family.
  • Millet - protection from the evil eye.
  • Pumpkin seeds put those who want to replenish the family.
  • Sunflower seeds are a symbol of solar energy. Bring health to all inhabitants of the house.
  • Buckwheat symbolized wealth.
  • Beans - to replenish the family.
  • Rice - for monetary gain.
  • Pearl barley - a symbol of satiety.
  • Oats laid for the health of all family members (horsepower).

Additives to the grain amulet

In addition to cereals, you can put in a charm:

  • Rose petals - for passionate love between spouses.
  • Nuts and acorns - to prolong youth.
  • Money - only the largest bill.
  • Garlic for health and protection from the evil eye.
  • Wormwood for protection from evil forces. Helps from nightmares.
  • Rowan - protects the family.
  • Hypericum, chamomile - for health.
  • Clover and cumin for good luck in business.
  • In order to make money in the family - bay leaf.
  • Children's amulet - sunflower root and wild rose berries.
  • Mac - brings good luck and success in all matters.
  • You can put three, five or seven pieces of coins.
  • Lavender - for those who want growth in the family.
  • Birch leaves - to get married next year.

Secret ingredient

There is another magical ingredient that not everyone knows about. This ash from the fireplace, taken from the house, in which everything is safe. If you have such friends, ask them for a little ash. In return, be sure to leave some small gift. With this ingredient you can improve your financial situation.

Do not put wax inside the amulet. It is used in black magic and sealed with it only the bad. Also, the Zernovushka doll should not be filled with earth, do not put nails or hair into it. Some people believe that black soil is suitable for a talisman as a symbol of fertility, but this should not be done in any way. One more thing that was never put inside such a talisman as Zernovushka doll - a photo.

How to strengthen the charm

In order to enhance the effect of the talisman, take the salt. Pinch to squeeze between your palms and read any prayer you know. You can also, in your own words, ask her to help with what you need. Pour the salt inside the charm.

Other folk amulet dolls

The talisman in the form of a motanka doll has been around for hundreds of years. Most often, the basis was taken the image of a woman. The dolls were divided into charms, games, rituals. Last did not play. They were sewn especially for girls on the issue and kept in chests. Then he was given on the wedding day with the wishes of love and peace in the family.

While the children were small, their toys were sewn by mothers, sisters, and grandmothers. A girl at the age of 5 herself could already make a diaper doll. It was a piece of cloth rolled up. He was covered with linen fabric. Breasts were made of tightly packed balls. She was made a braid from threads and sewed clothes from variegated matter.

Gradually, the pupae became more complex. By their appearance judged on the skills of the girl as a needlewoman. Adolescents often took a cart with dolls with them to the gatherings. These toys were treated very carefully. In the hut they were kept in caskets, chests, boxes. Children were forbidden to throw them around the house and leave on the street.

Using the technique of motanka, they also created puppets, who walked around the house from harm and disease. They were thirteen:

  • Shaking.
  • Otpey.
  • Eyes.
  • Avvareusha.
  • Chubby.
  • Yellowing.
  • Getting old
  • Karkusha.
  • Nemea
  • Avea.
  • Deaf
  • Snore
  • Kumoha.

Hanging amulets near the stove, and burned in the spring. They made such dolls from old clothes or bed linen. They took the one in which they were happy. The traditional colors for these amulets are red (the color of life) and white (the color of the order).

Wherever the doll was made and whatever was filled with the grain guard Zernovushka, everywhere it was a symbol of full life, fertility and well-being.