Freddy Kruger's mask: we create with our own hands

Who does not know the Halloween holiday, which came to us from Britain! And who, if he didn’t look, didn’t even hear about the movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and its hero - Freddy Krueger! This character is closely associated in the minds of many people with this particular holiday. On Halloween, it is customary to dress up in fancy dress. Buying

Who does not know the Halloween holiday, which came to us from Britain! And who, if he didn’t look, didn’t even hear about the movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and its hero - Freddy Krueger! This character is closely associated in the minds of many people with this particular holiday. On Halloween, it is customary to dress up in fancy dress. Buying them is often expensive, much easier to make yourself. And how to make a Freddy Kruger mask at home?

From the history of Halloween

The Halloween holiday originates in Celtic history. It is traditionally celebrated on October 31, or rather, on the night of the 31st to the 1st of November. It is believed that all witches, sorcerers and other evil spirits arrange a sabbath that night, which is why it is customary to dress up in eerie costumes and paint their face with cuts and bruises. Another name for the holiday is the eve of All Saints Day, originally it was worship and honoring the dead. The Celts did not doubt that on this day their souls were visited by living people, trying to appease the dead with food. From here came the expression “Disgusting or sweetness”, they say, if you don’t give something tasty, I’ll give you some damage. Today it is popular among children who, dressed in fancy dresses, go home, begging for presents.

Halloween is most actively celebrated in America, Canada, and Britain. In recent years, this has been passed on to Russia, and in many clubs on October 31, special parties are held in honor of this holiday.

Who is Freddy Krueger

The horror film "A Nightmare on Elm Street" was released in 1984. Freddy Krueger is his main character. This is a disfigured man in a striped sweater and with blades on his fingers, who at night kills his victims. For the first time the role played by actor Robert Englund, then - Jackie Earl Haley.

Freddy Krueger is one of the favorite negative characters associated by people with the holiday of Halloween. Suit to make it is not so difficult. The main attributes are a striped sweater and a black hat. Here it is necessary to tinker with the mask. It is important to understand: Freddy Krueger is not a bunny or a cat, whose mask can be cut out of paper. It's more about makeup ...

Freddy Kruger's Mask: Make-up

The character's face in the film was frightening - terrible burns disfigured him. To achieve this effect, you can use the usual foundation - it will become the basis of makeup. It is necessary to combine gouache (not liquid!) Of red and yellow (or orange) colors with a sufficient amount of tonalnik, mix thoroughly and leave to dry. When the mixture thickens, you need to pour a little vegetable oil into it and mix again. Such a composition is safe for the skin and should not cause an allergic reaction. Apply it should not be thin, but not a thick layer, incidentally creating on the skin bumps, roughness and irregularities, to get the feeling of a burnt face. Top makeup must be powdered - or baby talcum powder or ordinary powder.

There is another option for making a Freddy Kruger mask on your face. It should be pre-moistened with any special tonic or lotion, and spread a thin layer over the glue for false eyelashes. Previously, you should take the usual white napkins and tear them into small pieces. These scraps should then be pressed onto the face smeared with glue, making irregularities, as if from burns. When everything is dry, you need to paint over the "burns" with foundation and dark red (or burgundy) lipstick. In some places you can apply bright red lipstick to create the impression of fresh blood. Eyes and eyelids need to circle black.

There is also such a wonderful thing as a face painting. With it, you can also depict anything on the face, including the mask of Freddy Kruger. Face painting sold in specialized stores for creativity. In addition to him, we also need a foundation, powder, red lipstick and, of course, brushes (sponges) for drawing.

Freddy Kruger Silicone Mask

Buy a similar store is not difficult. She, of course, looks really terrifying, especially if done qualitatively. But, as a rule, the high cost of such products exceeds the limit, so you can try to make a silicone mask yourself, but you need to remember that this is quite a painstaking and difficult process.

First of all, you will need to make a copy of the face of the person who will wear this mask then. To do this, "guinea pig" should lie on a flat horizontal surface. Hair must be removed from the forehead, temples, ears, it is desirable to cover them altogether (you can use a hat for the pool), otherwise they can easily get into the silicone mass and freeze along with it. The skin of the face should be plentifully smeared with a special separating cream, so that later the dried-up mask would easily take off. According to the instructions, it is required to dissolve the silicone (it is necessary to acquire a two-component material on a platinum basis, which is harmless to the skin) and with a thin, comfortable brush to apply it on the face. Extremely cautious need to act near the mouth, nose, eyes (they must be closed!) And eyebrows (they are also desirable to cover). Leave the mass freeze. After drying, the mask is evenly superimposed divided into pieces (chopped, torn - it does not matter) bandage, over which you want to apply plaster, diluted to the consistency of sour cream. Leave it to freeze for about half an hour. Then carefully remove the casts.

With the help of acrylic paints, the finished mask can be painted as you please (or as required by the idea). Once Freddy Kruger’s mask is being prepared, it means you should draw scary scars and burns. It is important not to forget to make slots for the eyes. To face under the mask "breathed", you can attach a fabric lining from the inside. The product is attached to the face with rubber bands or glue. Before putting on a mask, it is advisable to let it stand for a couple of days.

Paper or cardboard mask

If the person who makes the costume of Freddy Krueger knows how to draw, then he can make an ordinary paper mask. Measurements are taken from the face, an oval of the required size is drawn on paper (or cardboard, or paper paper), slots for nostrils and eyes are made in it, holes on the side for gum, with which the mask will be mounted on the head, and then it is painted in the image of a movie character. Freddy Kruger's mask is made of paper with your own hands!

By and large, it is not so important whether you are able to draw, well you can sculpt and so on. If anyone, whether creating a Freddie Kruger mask or making cinnamon rolls, comes to work with soul and inspiration, then the result will certainly surprise not only the author, but also those around him! And this is the most important thing.