Amazing beaded belts do it yourself


Look from afar - an interesting belt with a pattern. But looking closer, you understand that it is made from the smallest grains of multi-colored beads. And such hard work attracts your eyes and fascinates for a long time. So why not try to create a similar beauty with your own hands? The beaded belt is great for many wardrobes, for many styles

Craft is ... Kinds of crafts.  Folk crafts

The appearance of the craft comes at the beginning of man's production occupations. Since ancient times, the rudiments of handicraft activities are known. Concept of crafts Craft is a production activity based on the manufacture of industrial objects with the help of small-scale manual labor, which prevails before the development of machine production and has remained with it

We decorate the dress with our own hands: interesting examples with photos, the choice of material and methods of decoration

Any, even the most inconspicuous dress, available in the wardrobe, can be transformed beyond recognition by adding a couple of small things or decorative elements. Depending on the color and texture of the fabric, they use self-made flowers and shiny pebbles in the frame, rhinestones and pearl beads, sew bright appliqués or delicate laces.

How to make a penguin costume for a child with his own hands

Need to make a penguin costume for a child? It’s easy to do it yourself. If you have absolutely no experience in needlework and sewing, take the most basic option on the basis of ready-made clothing with a minimum of independent work. Advanced craftswomen will be able to please the baby with a real masterpiece.

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